My first time with Gouache

Today I decided to buy Gouache. Gouache is opaque watercolors. It is good for layering. I bought only primary color and I got a hard time mixing the right color. I wanted brown but it turned out to be gray. Anyway, the final result is nice enough for my first. I like Gouache a lot….

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): Fun museum

“Every moment is a dot in the painting of our lives. Each dot a circle that is never-ending, surrounding the gift of creation.” -Kathleen Arnason The exhibition had many varieties of art. It had new and old art pieces, very impressive. We went to different buildings, taking a big rectangular elevator, which was painted inside with…

Girl Portraits in watercolor

Shadow is the important part to make the paint look more realistic. I also like to paint girls more than guys. It is easy to find beauty in a woman for me. The picture that I used as a reference was from Instragram and Pinterest. I like to draw real people because it is impossible for…

I am a watercolor beginner

I have never been good at watercolor, however I try to get better. When I did wet-on-wet technique, my paper always dried before I could finish. I made a mess and I hoped I could be better some day. I had many sketchbooks, though I never finished one. I wanted it to be perfect. When I did a bad…

My animal paintings

I had never painted animal on canvas before but my friend’s birthday was coming and I wanted to make something special for her. I knew she like horses so much. It was my beginning of painting animal.