Daily drawing

I always find my inspiration on pinterest. It is a good idea source. I also draw tiny houses for tiny house 2018 challenge on Instagram 💖

Last week drawing

I have been practicing more on drawing realistic woman. Keep drawing 👩🏻‍🎨

2018 Art Goal

Happy New Year 2018!!! This year I am planning to sketch and paint daily because I want to improve my art. Making art  is a thing that I can spend a lot of time doing it. I am really enjoy drawing so I will post more arts on my blog. I post very often on…

Repaint the painting from the Huntington

It seems hard for me to paint every day so I will do it whenever I feel like I want to do. Now I am trying to practice on watercolor. My work is still far from perfect but I believe that practice makes perfect. I am also working on my own style. Keep painting!!