Siam Sunset: Delicious Thai Food in LA

This is very authentic Thai food. I love food here. I got pork blood soup (Tom Lerd Moo). Ben got rice soup with seafood (Kao Tom Ta Lae). This is exactly how it tastes like in Thailand. I went back to this place couple times, remember that duck over rice (Kao Na Ped Pa Roe)…

Giorgiporgi: Hip Coffee Place in LA

This is very nice coffee place in LA. There is no menu. All you have to do is telling them what you want. When you get inside, you will see moss wall that is awesome. The serving container is very stylish and more like Japanese style. Ben enjoys his coffee and I like my hibiscus…

Greenblatts Deli and Fine Wines: Nice Deli Place in LA since 1926

Since we were still starving after having tiny food at Italian restaurant (see previous post), we came here for more food and dessert. This place is a Jewish old place. Ben got Matzu ball. I got cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie. Cookie is nice and warm. I think I prefer cold cookie. It is really…

Rossoblu: The Best Italian in LA

Happy New Year 2018 everyone!!! I didn’t post anything around the end of last year. I had been pretty lazy. This year I will change. I will post more often. Food, travel and art will be the main focus of my blog. First I have to catch up on last year activities. Rossoblu is a…

The Huntington library, art collections and Botanical Gardens: Love this place

The Huntington is a private nonprofit collections-based research and educational institution founded in 1919 by Henry E. Huntington. This place is the museum, the art gallery and the garden. The Huntington is in San Marino, CA. Library There are many nice collection in this building, including great scientist handwriting, such as Newton, Franklin and Einstein….

Corner Place: The best Korean BBQ in LA

We went to this Korean BBQ place because Ben’s coworker recommended it. His friend was Korean. All people in this place was Korean that was a good sign. We got a beef set and cold noodle. It was the best Korean BBQ that I had ever eaten. The cold noodle was the best as well….

Gjelina: The best restaurant in LA

May 27th, 2017 I recently moved to USA. It was a long flight to fly from Thailand to US. I slept only 15 min on the plane so I felt bad all day. Ben made a reservation for a nice restaurant in Venice, called “Gjelina”. I felt better now in the evening and ready for…

Griffith Observatory: Get to know more about universe and science

Many interesting stuff was waiting for you to discover. The periodic table had contained the real piece of substance. It was really cool. When I just started learning Chemistry, it was hard to imagine how it looked like. There was more information about the planet and universe, how it was created.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): Fun museum

“Every moment is a dot in the painting of our lives. Each dot a circle that is never-ending, surrounding the gift of creation.” -Kathleen Arnason The exhibition had many varieties of art. It had new and old art pieces, very impressive. We went to different buildings, taking a big rectangular elevator, which was painted inside with…

Getty Museum: Nice Museum in LA

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
― Edgar Degas

Welcome to Getty Museum!!! Many cool arts were here.