Driftwood cafe: breakfast place in Lake Tahoe

Lately, I had been craving orange juice, especially fresh squeeze one so we were end up here at Driftwood cafe. We got omelet breakfast plate. Food was really nice and OJ was great.

Za: Italian restaurant in North Lake Tahoe

We went to Za, the Italian place in North Lake Tahoe, after a short hiking. We got baked eggplant with tomato sauce, Roasted Brussels sprouts and pasta. Food was okay, not great. Pasta plate was huge. My favorite dish was Roasted Brussels sprouts. It was tasty and smelt so good.

Donner peak: Day hike in North Lake Tahoe

This was back in June. I had never been to the north part of Lake Tahoe before so we decided to hike to Donner peak. There was a bit of water on the trail because the snow was melting down. As we got closer to the top, we found more snow up here. The trail…

Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe: so beautiful

Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite place in California, especially Emerald bay at south lake Tahoe. The small island is in the middle of the blue lake. It is a very beautiful scenery. The waterfall in the photo is Eagle fall. We parked a car by the road and took a picture of the…