Rusack wine tasting in Solvang (2nd time)

The popular thing to do in Solvang is wine tasting. We came back to Rusack again for the second time. Ben likes it here because of the magnificent vineyard view. Today I decided to share wine with Ben since I was not good at drinking alcohol. It was very nice and relaxing here.

Seein’ spots farm miniature donkeys and mules in Solvang

During the weekend we tried to find the place that was not far from our town to do some fun activities. We went to Seein’ spots farm in Solvang. There were many miniature donkeys and other animals. It was a rescue farm. You can come and pet them if you donate some money. It was really…

Solvang, CA: Danish Town and Wine Tasting

I and Ben went inside a couple shop. It was the thing here that I liked the most, a cute shop. They sold a lot of cute stuff, such as music boxes, snow globes, figures and diorama rooms. I spent a long time in the shop, admired very things there.