Sarabol Korean restaurant at Hong Kong Airport

Sarabol was a nice Korean restaurant at the airport. I got a set that came with pork rip soup and streamed egg. It was quite too much for one person. Ben got tofu soup and grilled mackerel. We were so full.

Omotesando Koffee in Hong Kong

Omotesando Koffee, it is Ben’s favorite coffee place from Japan. It has a chain Hong Kong. We stopped to have a drink. Ben got coffee and I got hot chocolate. It tasted good as the one in Japan.

Fresh Mango Mochi in Hong Kong

Before we went to the airport, we walked around Wan Chai. We accidentally found the mochi place that had fresh fruit inside mochi. We got a mango mochi. It was sweet and so good. I could tell that it was all natural flavor of mango. I was so happy. I want more.

Royal Legend Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Finally, I had a chance to eat Dim Sum. This place was not far from our hotel. Inside this restaurant, it looked like hotel meeting room. The menu here was in Chinese so I used my ability, which was none and my Thai to order food. It actually went well. We got very nice food…

ShouZen Japanese Cuisine in Hong Kong

After we had a long day in Macau, we came back to Hong Kong and ate dinner at this nice Japanese place. We got salad, sushi, grilled scallop, grilled mackerel and ice-cream. Everything was fresh and delicious. I love it.

Bake Cheese tart in Hong Kong

My all time favorite is Bake cheese tart. I tried this brand before in Japan and Thailand. Now I was trying it in Hong Kong. It tasted great everywhere. Love it.

Hatsuyuki Cheese tart place in Hong Kong

Cheese tart is always my favorite dessert. Hatsuyuki is a Japanese dessert place in Hong Kong. I got cheese tart and cookies that had cheese inside. Both of them tasted very good. I bought this cookies back to my sister. She loved them. She ate them all in one day.

Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine Hong Kong

One popular food that you should try in Hong Kong is Hotpot. We got spicy soup along with fish, tofu, vegetable and Gyoza. Everything was nice expect pepper corns. There were many pepper corns in the soup. It made my tongue numb and it was a bit bitter.

Random Delicious Duck Place in Hong Kong

Today we took a bus at the bus stop outside our hotel to go to the breakfast place. Unfortunately, we got off the wrong stop. I decided to eat at this place since I liked duck so much. It was nice that they served free soup here. The soup broth was opaque but it was…