Yuuichiroushouten: Best seafood place in Asahikawa

We had dinner at Asahikawa. There were many shopping malls in this town. We ate seafood for dinner at Yuuichiroushouten. We walked down to the basement to get to this restaurant. We were so starving as we skied a lot today and we did not have  proper lunch. We ordered many things, such as fish roe,…

Gin ga no taki and Ryu sei no taki falls

We drove from Daisetsuzan Sounkyo Kurodake. It did not take too long to get here. These two water falls,  Gin ga no taki and Ryu sei no taki, were right by a parking lot. It was very easy access, drove here, parked a car, took a picture and drove back. We also saw a deer….

Daisetsuzan Sounkyo Kurodake Ropeway and another ski day

We got to Daisetsuzan Sounkyo Kurodake in the late morning. I went up by the tram as I wanted to see a good view of the mountain. Surprisingly, there was a ski rental shop up here. The ski gear was out of date and pretty heavy. Only one ski lift was opened so we went up…

Kumagera: Hot pot place in Furano

I found this place from my guidebook recommendation. We ordered seafood Nabe. It was very delicious. We ate many variety of seafood in this pot. Seafood was very fresh and tasted good. We also got grilled mackerel, which was good as well. Everything here was very tasty, highly recommend to everyone.

Furano Cheese Factory: It is all about CHEESE.

They made cheese here at Furano cheese factory. You can see all whole process through the glass window. There were some restaurants inside, where used cheese products from here making a nice meal for you. We had a light meal at pizza place inside this cheese factory. Before you go inside, you order any kind…

Péché Grand: French place in Sapporo

Since this French place opened at 11 a.m., we walked to the government building, where was near the restaurant. We were so hungry. It was always hard to find a breakfast place in Japan. We came back here again when it was opened. As we walked in, we could see a lot of nice dessert…

Fukuzushi: Gigantic sushi in Furano

As we walked around town we found a stray cat inside a cardboard box house. It seemed like the other two cats wanted to be in there, too. It was a cold night. We had second dinner at Fukuzushi since we had very early dinner before and we were hungry again. Sushi here was so…

Furano Marche: local supermarket in Furano

Many local products were sold at Furano Marche. It was a big market that had a lot of things, such as food and souvenir. The souvenir, which you should buy from Furano is Furano jam, Furanocchi (chip), Juice Jelly&Wine Jelly, Lavender goods, Cheese&Wine, Shibare glass and Mori no Gakudan (Musician toy that made from wood)….

Sennari: Shabu Shabu Place in Furano

We had early dinner at Senneri Shabu Shabu place. We got beef set. Beef was very tendor. Soup and sauce were also tasty. It was very delicious meal. I could imagine that this place might be crowded when it was in high season. This is Furano manhole.

Ski day in Furano and Ningle Terrace

Here we were at Prince hotel and resorts. We skied here for couple days. It had been awhile for me to ski again. Ben was my mentor for this trip. I learnt to do a new technique so I fell a lot before I could be a master. At least I did not fall alone…