Foxtail : Mediterranean Food in Santa Barbara

Fox Tail is a bar and Mediterranean place in Santa Barbara. My favorite dish is Green falafel wrap. It is the best on the menu. If you are a vegetarian, I would recommend this place. Ben got falafel burger, which did not taste as good as my green wrap, green wrap is the best. Green…

Giorgiporgi: Hip Coffee Place in LA

This is very nice coffee place in LA. There is no menu. All you have to do is telling them what you want. When you get inside, you will see moss wall that is awesome. The serving container is very stylish and more like Japanese style. Ben enjoys his coffee and I like my hibiscus…

Corner Place: The best Korean BBQ in LA

We went to this Korean BBQ place because Ben’s coworker recommended it. His friend was Korean. All people in this place was Korean that was a good sign. We got a beef set and cold noodle. It was the best Korean BBQ that I had ever eaten. The cold noodle was the best as well….

Beauty Bagel: Bagel place in Oakland

We were in Oakland, CA neighborhood. It was right before we went for camping in Yosemite. There was a nice grocery store called Berkeley bowl. It was huge and had many food selection, including dried food and spices, very good for camping. We ate breakfast at Beauty Bagel. This place was crowded, which was a…

MacDuff: British pub food in South Lake Tahoe

I was surprised by the food portion here. It was a lot. I could split it in three meals. This place was so popular. After we waited for a while, we got the table. I ordered corn beef. Ben got hamburger with french fried. Food was nice. I liked Ben’s hamburger more than mine.

Riva Grill: Nice place in Lake Tahoe

Riva grill is a nice restaurant by the Lake. We got onion soup, fish taco and salad with salmon. Onion soup was the best one from any onion soup that I had ever tried. I liked my fish taco. Fish tasted nice and fresh. Salad was also great.

Bell street farm: Nice place in Los Alamos

I posted about the best pizza place in Los Alamos before. That place is the best place in this area. This Bell street restaurant is the second best  place here. I got half grilled chicken with small salad. Chicken tasted and smelt very nice. I liked it. Ben got tuna sandwiches that were also very…

Goa Taco: New taco place in Santa Barbara

Goa Taco was just opened in town only week ago. We tried out at this new place. It had a chain in New York also. We got cheese taco, belly pork taco and duck taco. Duck taco was the best. Duck tasted good and smelt nice. We will come back again to try out more…

Lucky’s steakhouse in Santa Barbara

Today we tried out a nice place called Lucky’s steakhouse where was closed by our house. Steak is famous here but we did not get it. We got big salad with seafood and cauliflower soup. I liked them. It tasted really good. I also ordered orange juice, which was very fresh. I like orange juice….