Campo Mammoth: Italian Food

We were getting ready after a long drive from Santa Barbara. Here we were in Mammoth. It was the first time for me at Mammoth. Ben wanted me to come here again when it was ski season. Mammoth was his favorite place to ski in California. We stayed at the hotel a night before camping….

Dinner at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara

I remember that I was sick and slept all day. When I woke up, it was dinner time and I was still on the bed. Ben decided to go out for dinner. We went to the restaurant at Four seasons, a fancy hotel. We got some thick soup, spaghetti carbonara and fish plate. Soup was nice,…

Foxtail : Mediterranean Food in Santa Barbara

Fox Tail is a bar and Mediterranean place in Santa Barbara. My favorite dish is Green falafel wrap. It is the best on the menu. If you are a vegetarian, I would recommend this place. Ben got falafel burger, which did not taste as good as my green wrap, green wrap is the best. Green…

Siam Sunset: Delicious Thai Food in LA

This is very authentic Thai food. I love food here. I got pork blood soup (Tom Lerd Moo). Ben got rice soup with seafood (Kao Tom Ta Lae). This is exactly how it tastes like in Thailand. I went back to this place couple times, remember that duck over rice (Kao Na Ped Pa Roe)…

Giorgiporgi: Hip Coffee Place in LA

This is very nice coffee place in LA. There is no menu. All you have to do is telling them what you want. When you get inside, you will see moss wall that is awesome. The serving container is very stylish and more like Japanese style. Ben enjoys his coffee and I like my hibiscus…

Greenblatts Deli and Fine Wines: Nice Deli Place in LA since 1926

Since we were still starving after having tiny food at Italian restaurant (see previous post), we came here for more food and dessert. This place is a Jewish old place. Ben got Matzu ball. I got cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie. Cookie is nice and warm. I think I prefer cold cookie. It is really…

Rossoblu: The Best Italian in LA

Happy New Year 2018 everyone!!! I didn’t post anything around the end of last year. I had been pretty lazy. This year I will change. I will post more often. Food, travel and art will be the main focus of my blog. First I have to catch up on last year activities. Rossoblu is a…

Corner Place: The best Korean BBQ in LA

We went to this Korean BBQ place because Ben’s coworker recommended it. His friend was Korean. All people in this place was Korean that was a good sign. We got a beef set and cold noodle. It was the best Korean BBQ that I had ever eaten. The cold noodle was the best as well….

Za: Italian restaurant in North Lake Tahoe

We went to Za, the Italian place in North Lake Tahoe, after a short hiking. We got baked eggplant with tomato sauce, Roasted Brussels sprouts and pasta. Food was okay, not great. Pasta plate was huge. My favorite dish was Roasted Brussels sprouts. It was tasty and smelt so good.

MacDuff: British pub food in South Lake Tahoe

I was surprised by the food portion here. It was a lot. I could split it in three meals. This place was so popular. After we waited for a while, we got the table. I ordered corn beef. Ben got hamburger with french fried. Food was nice. I liked Ben’s hamburger more than mine.