Here is the place, where I share my passion. I always travel with my Husband, Ben and explore new experience together. I have art journals to keep all my memory on the wonderful trip with Ben and I also draw for relaxing, Thai food is my favorite because I am Thai. It seems hard to buy food that suits my need since I am always picky about it. Greasy and bad ingredients are disgusting for me. It was the reason for cooking food by myself. When the special event is coming, I always make a gift myself. It is my way to express my feeling and it is priceless (and yes!! I am broke). As I mentioned earlier, I decided to create this blog to show the part of me like we travel, cook, draw and make some nice stuff together.

A little bit more about me, I am Wan, a chemist who consider myself as a artist.  I think everyone can do anything if you put your mind to.