Camping at Mammoth CA


This was my first time hiking at Mammoth. We took a bus from the hotel and got off at Devils Postpile. I got a stamp there. I had a small passport book for collecting a stamp from national park. You can buy it at visiting center where they sell souvenirs. I got mine from visiting center around here. We took a picture with Devil Postpile National Monument. It was a formation of columnar basalt. The layer of this rock was fascinating. After we took a few pictures with this amazing nature,  we walked back to the beginning of our trail which was John Muir trail. It was the crowd trail ever in my life. We shouldn’t come here on Labor day weekend (Yep This what happened last year. I am trying to catch up on my blog).


We took off our shoes and crossed a very cold creek. I met a cute Husky dog here.


We found Trinity Lakes which were pretty small.


We hiked along the trail and met so many horses. The trail and horses were really bad combination. It meant there were many horse poop along the way. This was not good. As we were walking, we talked to someone who was hiking to the different way. He told us about secret good camping side. It was on the hill side of Gladys Lake. We found the first spot that was already taken by other hikers. Then we found another one which was the same one as the guy suggested. We were pretty close to the first camping spot that we found so we saw what happened there. There were horse crews. They were claiming that spot. The whole thing was absurd. They said they reserved this camping area. It sound like a lie to me. The previous group had to go but hey came here first. What we did was making sure that no one could do the same. We found our spot. It was ours. I looked at those people there. It didn’t seem fair for me. They hired horses to take their belongings and walked with nothing to carry. Most people there were old ladies. Our spot was close to them. They went up hill which was above us to find cellphone’s reception. It was really annoying. I had no privacy. Some came to sit in my area, talked on phone again and left tissue on the ground. I did not like this.


The picture below is Ben behind our camping side.


This is Gladys Lake where I got water.I used UV purifier to make clean water.


Here is our camp side.


Ben was always cooking when we went camping. I didn’t like to cook outdoor because it was not easy access to water source (thing is getting messy).


Our previous plan was spending two night on the mountain but something happened to me. I couldn’t eat much. I was nausea, headache and couldn’t sleep all night. It was a high altitude sickness. I really wanted to go back that night but it was dark and dangerous to hike at night. I didn’t dare to walk around at night. It was really foggy (so scary). Next day we were hurry back (Maybe only me). We hiked to Shadow lake as seen in the picture. It was pretty.


We hiked pass Olaine Lake (below picture) to Agnew meadows, the shortest way to go back. I was dying. This was too high for me. Finally we got to the bus stop. We headed back. I felt much better as soon as we got to the lower altitude, lower than 6000 ft was safe for me.


Camping trip summary, all I hate on this trip: horse shit, crowd trail, selfish horse crew, annoying old ladies, and high altitude sickness. Do I hate Mammoth? I just hate everything that I mentioned before. It all happened at Mammoth that might lead me to hate the place (so I am not sure. I might have to come back again).

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