Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

It had been a long time since my last post. I was lazy and kept procrastinating. It is always nice to look back on my blog posts, seeing my journey. So here I am back to posting again. This is the photo from the last year 2017. We went to Natural history museum in Santa Barbara. Right now it is under construction but it is still opened. I can’t wait to see the new stuff. They are building the big space that are going to fit a lot of butterfly in there and we can get very close to them.


This is the big skeleton of whale, which stands outside the museum by a parking lot. P1120602

There are many rooms that you can go in. The mineral and mine room is one of my favorite room because I love gem…Girl stuff.P1120566P1120567P1120568P1120571P1120572P1120580P1120581P1120585P1120586

There is also the one of my favorite room. There are many kinds of birds, which are displays inside the clear window…super cool.


It was fun here. I came back here many times because I like animal and sometimes there is art show here.

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