Handmade sketchbook and flip through my sketchbook

It is always hard for me to find the right sketchbook for me because I like small sketchbook with a cute cover. I got the inspiration from Stacy (ig: @stacyfaheyart). She makes her own sketchbook and creates a very nice art. That is my beginning. I bought Japanese wrapping paper and Arches watercolor paper which is the best watercolor paper. Arches paper is quite pricey but if you get the big one, it is much cheaper. I got a piece of watercolor paper. It can make 40 pages of 40 x 40 cm sketchbook. The below picture is my first sketchbook. The cover made out of cardboard paper which smells like puke. The smell still comes through the wrapping paper. I should smell before I bought it. I used 300 gsm Arches paper that is very thick but it is good for wet technique. For the Sakura wrapping paper, I got it from the local art store in Santa Barbara.

For the second sketchbook, I used old magazine cover instead, which was much nicer and better smell. I flipped through my first sketchbook (Sakura cover), in case you want to see.

This blue sketchbook is the second book that I made. I got this Japanese wrapping paper from Hiromi paper in LA (https://store.hiromipaper.com/pages/online-store). This paper is made from Japan. I love it so much. I bought 3 different patterns for my future sketchbook. I like this book than the first one. The cover is not too thick and not smelly. I inserted magazine pages inside for putting ticket and card on. I don’t want to put those thing on my precious watercolor paper. The watercolor inside is thinner than my first sketchbook. It is 185 gsm Arches paper. I will use this sketchbook on my birthday trip in Seattle as my traveler sketchbook. I have Midori traveler’s notebook which I don’t like to use it with watercolor. The paper is not great for watercolor.

I will make more sketchbooks in the future. It is fun and I am very proud of myself. I forgot to mention that I used long stitch for binding. There is many tutorial on Youtube. I followed Sea Lemon:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_LZ-BWhH_Q&t=102s.


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