3 days camping in Yosemite: Yosemite falls


Day 1: 

This was back in end of June 2017. We camped at the camp ground the night before we started hiking. We woke up early around 5.30 a.m. when it was still dark. We had quick breakfast but we spent forever for packing. We literally started at 9.00 a.m. on the trail head. we took a bus from our campsite to the trail head. We had to start early because it would be really  hot when it was noon. We picked Yosemite falls trail, which was a moderate trail. It was actually hard with the backpack on. I felt like I was carrying the world, every step was rough. The map below shows where we hiked on the first day. We walked up to Yosemite falls and went a bit further to find the place for camping.


Yosemite falls was huge and very pretty. You have to come here at the right time because it won’t be this pretty when it was dry out.


We walked down to the side trail to see the base of the falls. The trail was narrow and a bit scary but worth it.


We kept going up and took a picture with the side of waterfall. We saw people walked across the waterfall with the rope. It looked so scary. (Ben was very excited!!!)


As we went up, there were less trees. I could see the half dome and the valley pretty good.


Here is the photo of us when we got to the top of Yosemite falls. We actually saw not much from here since we were very high. We had late lunch and rest for a bit.


This was the top of Yosemite falls. Water was flowing down to the cliff and appeared as great waterfalls.


I couldn’t walk any further so we tried to find a campsite, ideally a meadow area by the creek. We saw two deer and then we found an almost perfect campsite. It was great except a ton of mosquitoes and ant nests everywhere on the ground. I forgot to mention that after we were in the forest, there were crazy amount of huge mosquitoes came eating us alive. Insect repellent was a most-have-item, it saved my life. The photo down below was our first campsite. There was fire ring, great for cooking (We didn’t use it).


Our water source by the campsite was from Yosemite creek, which was the same one as Yosemite falls. We used UV light to purify water. It was a lot easier than the one that I had to squeeze water out from the filter. We went to bed pretty early since there was not much thing to do and I was very tired.


Day 2:

We started hiking around 11.00 a.m. after having breakfast and packing. We walked back to the top of Yosemite falls, went up to Indian rock and camped by the snow creek. I felt sore as I walked up. It had so many mosquitoes. My skin soaked with insect lotion to survive from these flies.


This was the top of Yosemite falls.


This was Yosemite point, taken by a hiker (not focus on our face 😦 ).


This was the snow creeks.


These lilies were at our campsite. We camped by the snow creeks. I was glad that we found the place for camping because I could not walk anymore. There were less mosquitoes and ants by this campsite 🙂


We were in the tent, our Nemo tent. It was a brand new tent for this trip, which ended up at REI. We returned it because it was not strong enough. There was a hole by the door. I swore that I had never done anything to harm this tent. When I made a tent, I did it gently.  I really liked this tent but we didn’t have it anymore. I felt really filthy because of no shower for 2 nights plus sweat. My hair was so oily and my feet covered with dirt. I got the feeling of homeless.


This was the snow creeks where we got water, the flow was so strong.


I was packing and getting ready to take a shower.


Day 3:

We walked down to the mirror lake. Yesterday I told Ben that I can go down forever since we did a lot of hiking up. I was definitely wrong. Today the trail was not hard because it was going down. I said I am wrong since it really hurt my knee and my world (my backpack) felt heavier. I went down forever. As we walked down, we met some hikers. They asked about the top. We said we are going down for an hour now. Yes, you had a long way to go. There was no shade on this trail. It was damn hot.


On the way down, we took a nice picture with the different side of half dome.


Finally, we were down to the mirror lake. We made it.


We took a shower and started to drive back home. We stopped by the view point. It was really pretty. You can see Nevada falls in the picture.


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