We got married at Santa Barbara Courthouse and had late lunch at Belmond El Encanto Hotel

June 14th, 2017

After our wedding rings was ready, we decided to get married at Santa Barbara courthouse. The officer did all ceremony and Ben’s parents was the witness of our wedding. We held each other hand through the ceremony. As the ceremony started, Ben started to cry as well and my mouth was shaking. I could not hear my vow well. I wish I could see what I had to say before. Anyway, we got married. I felt much better after it was done. I was very excited and also happy. After that we walked around the courthouse to take a picture of us on our important day. I thanked to Lloyd, our photographer today.


Then we went to Belmond El Encanto Hotel. Ben said the view here was nice and it was. We could see the whole town from here. I really liked food and the bathroom. The restroom was very nice and clean.


I got Sashimi appetizer because I was not hungry. It was very fresh and sauce was tasty.


Ben got Caesar salad with salmon. It was good as well.


Shonnie, Ben’s mother got salad with tuna which was also good.


After the meal, we ordered some dessert. We got special dessert from chef as congratulations gift on our wedding and it was the best one. I was so happy, the best day of my life.


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