Gjelina: The best restaurant in LA

May 27th, 2017

I recently moved to USA. It was a long flight to fly from Thailand to US. I slept only 15 min on the plane so I felt bad all day. Ben made a reservation for a nice restaurant in Venice, called “Gjelina”. I felt better now in the evening and ready for good food.


The first plate we got Japanese mackerel, cherry tomato, fresno, ginger and cilantro. It was so good and a bit sour.


The second dish was the best artichoke that I had ever eaten. It was roasted artichoke, anchovy, garlic and chili. It was amazing.


The third one was grilled broccolini, garlic,chili and vinegar. It was great.


We got mixed mushroom, rosemary and garlic pizza. Pizza was great but it was burned a bit.


Chocolate fudge cake was our dessert. It was quite bitter, the kind of dark chocolate that I liked. I love this place ❤


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