Doi Tung: Mae Fa Lung Garden and Doi Tung Villa in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Doi Tung was our next destination. We drove from Doi Mae Salong which had nice tea plantation to Doi Tung. We stayed at Doi Tung Lodge that was very closed to Mae Fa Lung Garden and Doi Tung Villa. The street outside was closed every weekend because they used this space for the market. We went to Mae Fa Lung Garden in the morning. This garden was built to resemble the garden in Switzerland since the old king (Rama IX)’s mother used to live there and she loved the garden in Switzerland. The garden was nice. It was full with many kinds of flower.


After that we walked to Doi Tung Villa, which used to be the old king (Rama IX)’s mother’s home. No photo allowed inside and you had to wear polite outfit to show the respect of the royal place. Because my legging was thin, I had to put another piece of garment that was available there on. Inside this house was nice and simple. At the entrance, you would get the audio set that explained all spots in the house.


Before I left, I bought local stuff, such as macadamia nuts, bags with the unique pattern, coffee beans and ice-cream. This place is a famous destination of Thai tourists.

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