Victoria peak in Hong Kong

Ben he visited Hong Kong before. He said there are so many people taking a tram to Victoria peak so we took a fast bus from a bus terminal instead. It was hard to find a bus terminal. The direction under the building was not clear. Finally, after looking for a while we found it. When I was up there, I really wondered why we were here. The first thing that I saw was a shopping mall. We had to go inside the mall to see the view of Hong Kong. It was boring for me. The sky was not clear and this place was full of tourists. We took a tram down. We had to wait in line forever. The tram was cool that why people liked to come up this way. I asked Ben why you took me here because there was nothing interesting me. He said he wants to let me know how it was there. It was a famous place to see the scene of Hong Kong so I would ask to go there anyway.


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