Chi Lin Nunnery Hong Kong

This place is called Chi Lin Nunnery. There was a nice garden here, including a rock garden and Bonsai. Golden building was there by the pond, which reminded me of Golden Pavilion in Japan. It was fine to use a selfie stick in the garden but not in the inner area.


This is my most favorite photo from this trip.


This lamp name is Lamp of Wisdom. A lamp is a symbol of wisdom that lead to the right path of life. This bronze lamp has seven lotus patterns and 12 birth signs of auspicious animals at the base, representing all beings. The pearl shaped fight on the top and the lotus incense burner in the centre are used to offer incense and light to the Buddhas and Bodhisativas day and night, praying for the realization of a pure land earth. This lamp information was written according to the sign in the lamp base.


There was a vegetarian restaurant here. Food was much better than I was expected. My favorite dish was eggplant with mushroom sauce casserole.


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