Youroushi Yuyado Daiichi Ryokan: Nice hotel and onsen right by the nature

We saw this fox on the side of the road. It was begging for food, getting bad habit from a human who fed him. I think it is not a good idea to feed wild animal because you make it hard for them to live by themselves. Finally, we got to our hotel.


There was a big window by the lobby that you could peek on the animal around here.


We got welcome snack and green tea. It was nice to eat something after a long drive. She showed me a kimono room, which I could pick a pattern that I liked. It was great.


This was our room, non-smoking room. It was big. I liked a big window in our room, which I could see the nature when I looked outside.

Our dinner was in a Japanese course. They were all delicious. I liked salmon and rice in a pot. It smelled so nice. I saw a lot of this on TV and it was my first time to try this recipe. It was great. The other pot was bamboo shoot, clam with rice. It was really good. We had soba soup after rice and also ice-cream. I was very full, happy belly. I loved food here.


This place was full of Japanese tourists and it was famous about onsen. I felt that this ryokan cared about women more because there was a woman face mask in a room, I could choose my own kimono and there was hot rock therapy only for a woman. It was great. When it was 2 a.m., I came down to the onsen. I was there so late because it was my first time. I felt weird to be naked in front of someone who I did not know. I might be worse if I knew someone there. Whatever the point was I did not want to show my body. There were many onsen, inside and outside. I went only five inside because I did not see the outside one. After I got dress, I went outside so I found more onsen. I went to a hot rock room. I put my towel on the rock and lay on it. It helped my blood circulation, felt nice on it. I could be on it too long because I felt hotter like I was burning. I went outside to wait for Ben. He took forever in onsen. he told me he went to all of them, inside and outside (seriously!!!). We slept so well. After my first time onsen, I felt like who cared about naked issue. I will go to public onsen when they are people in there because it won’t care. It was a nice feeling to be in a hot spring, very relaxing.


This was in the morning when we looked out from the lobby window. We found my kinds of birds, a fox and an animal that I did not know how to call it.

There was a guy, making mochi when we were eating breakfast. Breakfast was a buffet. I had rice soup with pickle and fish. I was simple but it was so good. Hokkaido milk was great also. I like this place so much.


This is an owl that I got from a stuffed animal store on the way to get here.


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