Yamato Yukuman Ryokan: Nice Hotel and Great Food at Asahidaki

Finally after driving all day, we were here, Yamato Yukuman. It was a famous onsen place. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to the onsen because I was too shy. It was so hard to be naked in front of a stranger. Ben did it and he liked it. Our Japanese room was big and nice. I liked to sleep on Futon. It was soft and comfy. One more caution was never drag luggage on Tatami because you could ruin the mat. I also liked  glass windows, which showed snow scene from the outside.


Our first meal here was a full course. It was the best dinner. Everything was so fresh and had very nice flavor. I love this meal very much. Food presentation was also good. It came with a nice and colorful porcelain. In the picture below, it was Fresh fish, steamed soy milk, bagging fried shrimp dumping, shellfish boiled with soy sauce, compote of tomato, fruit liquor and homemade foam soy sauce.


This is roasted abalone in salt crust (When I saw it for the first time, I thought it was a sparkling bread haha ).


This is roasted abalone in salt crust (inside).


This is yummy natural spring water jelly with black honey.


This one is vegetable cooked in a soy sauce based soup.


This is Shabu Shabu (Japanese hot pot).


Coffee flavored pudding is good.


Ben got some stuff from Loft. They are Fuchiko, kitty note and a black cat birthday card for Sara. Fuchiko was a small girl figure that you can place it on the edge of a glass. I liked it and I collected some Fuchiko.


We also ate breakfast here. It was good, so delicious. I really wanted to come back here again. Tomato juice was very fresh. We also had some tofu hot pot. It was nice for cold weather, kept us warm.


We played around with a Japanese costume. I think you suppose to wear it after you went to take a bath in hot spring. It was nice, very good for a photo.


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