Otaru: Nice dessert town in Hokkaido

We got to Otaru by the train. It was nice to see the ocean view when we were on the train. We walked from the station to get to the interesting part of the town. There were many dessert shops and souvenir shops. Many stuff in the gift shop made from glass. It has a lot of glass manufacturer around this around this area so I found many glass products, such as glass jewelry, glass music boxes and glass fountain pens.

The first dessert place where we stopped was Sawawa. I got matcha jelly and matcha latte drink from here. It was really good.


I had a chance to try a glass fountain pen. I dipped it in the ink to suck ink in the tip with capillary force, then I wrote it down. I wrote on a piece of paper, felt so nice. The ink flew very well on the paper. It was so incredible. I wanted one but it was too pricey.

We went to Kitakaro. It was famous place of choux cream (cream puff), Baumkuchen Yose no Mori and Yubari Melon Jelly. There were many samples to try before you buy them. I thought about buying some cream puff so I tried it. The sample was pretty big. I was nice but I thought I had enough so I did not buy it (Sorry).

This place was LeTAO, famous cheesecake place. I loved all kinds of cheese dessert. There was a guy gave us some free sample outside this place. When I tasted it, I definitely wanted more. As I went inside, there were many kinds of dessert was sold on the first floor. On the second floor was a small cafe. We went to the second floor to have more cheesecake and got some tea. It was very nice place, very relaxing.


This place is called Marchen crossroads, which means Fairy tale crossroads. The building behind is Otaru music box museum.


At Otaru music box musuem, it was more like a gift store. There were many kinds of music box that you could buy back as a souvenir.

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