One day in Arashiyama: Tenryuji Temple, Bamboo groove and Nonomiya Shrine

Arashiyama is a nice small town in Kyoto. There are many things that you can do here, like sightseeing on the boat and a train. I got here by a train. The river and mountain were nice.


The first place, we headed to, was a coffee place, called %Arabica. Ben can’t live without coffee. He said it was a nice coffee place. he found it on a magazine.

I saw a lot of statue on the way to the temple.

This is Tenryu-ji temple (Temple of the heavenly dragon). It is the one of the most beautiful temple in Kyoto. This temple was built in 1339 for Go-Daigo emperor spirit.  There was a big nice pond and the garden in the area.


We kept walking from the temple to Bamboo groove. It was nice bamboo scene. This spot was very famous and full with tourists. It was very hard to take a picture without the other tourists in the frame.


As we walked deeper along with the bamboo forest, there was Nonomiya shrine. According to a sign inside the shrine, this was the residence in Heiankyo of the saigu, a princess or female relative of the emperor who served the goddress Amaterasu at Ise Shrine on behalf of the emperor. I wanted to buy a charm from here but there was no English sign about meaning of each charm. I did not buy it.

P1060948P1060979P1060951P1060959P1060970I think one day in Arashiyama is not enough to see all interesting things here unless you spend the night here. The time for us was very tight because we had to go back to downtown Kyoto.

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