Zengorou and Sanbon Waterfalls: One day hiking in Norikura

Today we started hiking from our hotel in this Norikura area. Some trees began to change the color. It was a beautiful scene as we walked by. I forgot to mention that we got a Norikura map from a trash in the hotel and we took it. Our destination was a waterfall.


At noon, we stopped at soba place. I could not find the name of this place on the internet so it was a mystery place. We got cold soba, which was dipped in sauce before eat. It was very tasty. There were more people coming when we were eating. Some people had to go back since it was sold out. I was glad that we found a good place by the accident in the middle of nowhere.


We found the nice colorful scene as we lost. It was not too bad to take a wrong turn because we got a nice photo.


This waterfall is called Zengorou. It was named after Lumberjack Zengoro since he survived from the fishing a huge fish, which pulled him down in this waterfall. Zengoro Falls is one of three major waterfalls of Mt. Norikura. It is 30 m high and 10 m wide. It was nice and big waterfall.


Originally we did not think that we were going to get to the other waterfall. It seemed far. We wanted to take a bus back and the last bus was coming soon. We were hurry to go to a bus stop. We came earlier than we expected so we decided to walk to Sanbon waterfall. I was happy that we came because it was so beautiful. There were three waterfalls here that why it was called Sanbon. San means three. Ben took a picture with a middle waterfall, which is called Honsawa Falls. I think the middle one is more beautiful compared with the other two.


This is the panorama photo of three falls. The one on the left is called Kuroisawa Falls and on the right is called Mumei Falls.


In the opposite of the waterfall, there was a big rock, which I sat under in the photo.


Sanbon waterfall was not far from a bus stop. We did it before a bus came. There were two raccoons around begging for food. It was funny that I thought they were foxes since they were very skinny.


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