Alpine Inn MIZUSHIRO in Norikura

The hotel’s owner picked us at the bus stop since it was dark and we did not know the way. This place looked like a big normal house from the outside. When I came in, there was stairs to go to the second floor. There were a dining room and a bathroom on the first floor. Alpine Inn Mizushiro ran by a family, mother, father and a son. They were nice and friendly.



We got a Japanese room because I liked Futon. Anyway, you can choose a western style to sleep on a bed as you like. In the picture, Ben tried to figure out how to use a heater, which I had no clue. We asked a hotel guy to help us. There was a hot spring in the bathroom, which was very relaxing. One thing that I did not like, was sharing a restroom, besides that this hotel was a perfect place to stay.

Food was the most favorite thing that I liked about this place. It was homemade style, made by mother and son. It was very delicious. Homemade scone was very tasty.


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