Kokubunji temple since 1615: old temple in Takayama

My eyes caught with this fascinating pagoda. On the sign, it said that the three-storied Pagoda, unique in the Hida region, is 22 m in height and has been designated a prefectural  important cultural property. It was originally built in 1615 by Kanamori  Arishige, the ruler of Takayama. The current pagoda was rebuilt in 1821, 31 years after the previous structure was blown over by the wind in 1791.


There was the old ginkgo tree in the temple area. It was called The Great Ginkgo of Hida Kokubun-ji. The age of this tree is estimated to be 1,200 years, and it has been designated  a national natural monument. The tree is 28 m in height, with a circumference of 10 m. In the past, it was believed  that snow would fall when the leaves of the ginkgo fell, and the tree is cherished by local residents as a herald of the changing seasons. Thank you for the sign, it let me know the story of the big tree and Pagoda. There were many times that I was clueless about how important of the object was since there was no sign in English. I was grateful to know more historical stuff.


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