Sumiyoshi Ryokan: Nice Japanese style hotel in Takayama

When we got to Takayama by the train, we jumped into a taxi to go to our hotel. The tradition Japanese style hotel is called Ryokan. The floor was covered by Tatami mat. You did not allow to drag any baggage on it because it would ruin Tatami mat. At night, I slept on Futon, which was so comfy. There was Onsen or hot spring in Ryokan. It was really relaxing to sink in warm water. Especially, this place had a private Onsen. It was great since I did not dare to show my naked body to a stranger. Our Ryokan name was Sumiyoshi. It was nice and quiet here. The weather was colder than I expected.


This was our room. When we got inside, the welcome snack and green tea were served on the table. Some decoration in the room was really cute. We could see the bridge and river from our window. In the evening, a housekeeper came to make a bed for us and took a take away.

In the hall way, it was decorated by many kinds of stuff, such as, a ceramic jar, a doll, and an armor. I liked it.

Food at this Ryokan had a good looking but the taste was not great as it was presented.


On the leave, it was Hida Miso. I liked it a lot. If you come to Takayama, you should try Hida beef because it is very famous here in Takayama.


People at this place were very friendly. We took a picture with their collection. We got chopsticks as souvenir from this Ryokan before we left.


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