Wat Thum Sua, Krabi Thailand: Where we were close to heaven.


To get to the top of the mountain, it took 1,237 steps. I thought it was easy. Actually, it was tough. I forgot to think about gravity. There were a lot of monkey all over the place. Please be careful if you hold some food. It will steal from you.


This was us after a long walk. We covered by sweat. There was a big Buddha on the top. You could see Krabi town and other mountains around. It was nice to be high like we were close to heaven.


This was a bad monkey. I found him on the way down when he was trying to steal a woman tourist’s bottle. He pretended that he looked the other way but his hand was out, trying to reach a bottle. I was glad that I let her know on time before he got it. It was a tricky monkey, bad guy.


These were cute little monkey and kitty down below that I met before I left. It was a nice trip at Wat Thum Sua or tiger temple.

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