Railay, Krabi Thailand

From Krabi town to Railey, we took a boat to get here. There was rock climbing spot here. A guy told me that it was not easy to find the place that could do rock climbing and also jumped to the ocean when you climbed high enough. I did not do it. I should start it in a gym first and see  that I like it or not.


To get to the view point, we had to walk up. The trail was pretty steep. There was a rope to help me up.


It was worth to come up to the view point. I could see a big scene of Railey and blue ocean. It was so pretty.


At this top, I saw the sign of the way to go to Lagoon. I told Ben to go because it might be beautiful there. Unfortunately, we had to go down, another word climb down. The way was crazy. I could not see the way. The slope was about 90 degree down. I turned myself facing with the rock and tried to put my feet in the hole. I fell a bit since I could not find a hole that fit with my leg length. It was painful.


Finally, we got to the bottom. Water in Lagoon seemed dirty. Some tourists jumped in there. It did not pretty like the scene up to the view point but the shape of rock down here was fascinating. On the way up, there was a guy helped me up while Ben was pushing my butt. It was tough. Anyway, I would be curious about how it looked like down here if I did not try. It was a good experience. I only wanted a nice picture.


So I went up from the lagoon, then climbed down from the view point and then walked along the beach. Many tourists were in the ocean. The shape of rock on the cliff was very nice. It was beautiful so people liked to come here, very crowed (but not much people on the way down to the lagoon).


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