Flower Dome Singapore

I went to Cloud Forest earlier and it was hard to tell that how it was different. Since both places had a lot of flowers. Anyway, Flower Dome seemed to have more flowers. In the leaflet description on Flower Dome was “Wander amongst thousand-year-old olive trees and unusual Baobabs of the cool-dry Mediterranean and subtropical regions as you take in sights of the changing floral display. “. So the floral display theme was always changed. When I was there,  the theme was “Fairy tales unfold at Tulipmiania”. It was Fairy tales and tulips combo theme. There were many kinds of tulip in the flower garden. They decorated the light in Fairy tale objects.


A red riding hood girl was a bit creepy. She stood by the tulip garden.



I forgot to mention that it was very cold here, colder than Cloud Forest. Flowers here might like cold weather. I liked this place a lot. I kept taking a picture of flower until we ran out of camera’s memory.

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