Sofitel So hotel in Singapore: My best hotel

While we were in Singapore, we stayed at the Sofitel So. The first time that I stepped into the room, I loved this place. The decoration was in French style. I could see a picture in the ceiling when I was lying down on the bed. This picture was also a light. The marble bathroom was very nice and big. It was very relaxing to use the bathroom. On the side of a bed, there was a small treasure box, where I always kept my watch and necklace while I was sleeping.


There was a desk by the window, which had a mini Eiffel tower decoration on it. I liked this corner. I wish I had a work space like this. The striped chair was very comfy. I wanted this whole set for my work area.


Opposite of the desk, there was a hidden bar in a wood wall. It was so awesome. Everything we needed for a drink was in there, including some magazines.


We had a buffet breakfast here at the hotel. I did not expect much for food at aΒ hotel because it isΒ always bad. Turns out, the food was so good here. There were many selections, such as, rice soup, bread, cheese, yogurt, fruit, etc. They tasted awesome. I ate too much food since it was hard to stop eating tasty food. This Sofitel in Singapore is my favorite hotel so far. I highly recommend spendingΒ a night here.


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  1. wow that hotel looks stunning. though the hallway looks a little spooky !


    1. Wan says:

      Haha it was not spooky when I was there. It looks spooky in the picture. I agree.


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