Koh Bulon: Clear Blue Ocean in Thailand

Koh Bulone is in Satun province, in the south of Thailand. We flew from Bangkok to Trang airport, took a bus to a pier and then took a speed boat to this island. First night we stayed at Marina resort. It was a bit far from the ocean so it was too hot here. I couldn’t sleep at night because I heard a big lizard walking all night under the place and also because of the heat. The lizard stepped on dry leaves and that sound kept my eyes open all night. I thought it was in the room and stepping on my plastic bag. We moved out to Pansand resort next day. This resort was by the beach. It was much cooler here. However, we had to go back to Marina resort because food there was damn good. It was very common to see these big scary lizards walking around. I tried not to bother them. Most tourists on Bulone were European. I talked to them and they said they came back here every years and it was over 20 times that they visited here. I liked this place. It was so beautiful, clear sky, blue ocean and not many buildings. The electricity ran only at night time and there was no AC here. We were always by the beach and let the time pass. I contacted the resort because I wanted to go snorkeling. They called a small boat, which took us to many snorkeling spots, about 7. It was my first time. I could feel how intense it was for the first time. The nature underwater was very impressive. I liked the fish and wonderful corals. I  recommend everyone to come here to experience the beauty of true nature.


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