First time skiing at Salt lake city and more at Jackson hole

Before I went on the ski trip, Ben’s dad told me that if I did not like skiing, I would hate it. I was very excited to try it for the first time. We drove all the way from Santa Barbara to Salt Lake City. We got here when it was dark. Our dinner was a Japanese hot pot. Then we got to the hotel. The next day I had to ski for the first time in my life, it was very exciting. We were at Solitude resort. It was not too crowded. I took a ski lesson and Ben went to ski by himself. It was really fun. My instructor told me to do some pizza by turning my skis in the angle that looked like pizza. Ben came to see me at noon and we tried to ski together. When we went to the lift, he was very helpful. He helped me hold my poles so I could not move and got hit by a lift’s seat. They had to turn off the lift and I got my poles back. I was so angry. I could feel the heat on my face. Ben told me after that he was afraid that I might kick him off the lift. I did not do it. When I skied down, I forgot about what he did to me. It was fun. I fell because I hit some people who slowed down in front of me (sorry my bad). I just learnt how to stop and was not good at turning.


The next day, we took the day off because I felt pain all over my body. I did not know that to ski, I used all the muscles in my body. It was nice because I did not feel like I was working out when I was skiing. We drove further to Wyoming. Jackson was a very nice and quiet town. Many cute shops here. We went to a nice outdoor gear shop, a toy shop, a souvenir shop and a coffee shop. A guy from the toy shop said, he moved here because he loved Jackson Hole very much. I knew that feeling, it was how I felt about Santa Barbara. Then we drove out of town. We found a big group of bison and took a picture with the Teton peaks. It was so cold. I was glad that our car had heated seats.


After we rested for a day, we were ready for more skiing. We headed to Grand Targhee resort. On the way there, there was a group of deer crossing the road. It was snowing today. I went on another lesson with a new instructor. I fell more than my first day skiing. When it was steep, it was hard for me to control my speed and then I fell. There was one time that I fell, the instructor helped me carry my skis. He accidentally dropped one of them on my arm. That was very painful. It was a big piece of metal. I forgot about my arm when I skied again. It left a big bruise on my arm. Anyway, I love to ski. I hope I will be better some day. I got very excited before I skied. Ben said it was a good sign. I am looking forward for our next ski trip.DSC06766-001IMG_0767IMG_0770

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