Camping at Yosemite

“You make me believe in myself

because you believe in me”

                                                                          by me

This was real intense camping for me. Let’s talk about this quote first. To get uphill, I had to hike up and up and it was very steep. So I stopped by sitting on the rock every three steps. Ben kept telling me that you can do it, I believe in you. That was the reason behind this quote. He believed in me and it made me believe in myself that I could do it. Back to the camping experience, we camped at a campground for the first night. I saw some big tents, which I could stand inside. They looked like circus tents to me. I wish we had a bigger one but I did not want to carry a heavy tent, a big and light tent would be ideal for me.

The second day, we got a backcountry permit and a bear can, to prevent a bear from getting our food. If it smells some food, it will come. At the registration office, there was a person who gave general information about bears and some rules. Now we were ready to go. First problem, the car was not starting when we needed to move it to a parking spot. We tried the ignition a couple times and it worked.

We started hiking from Happy Isles. At the beginning, the trail was crowded. We walked until we had to go up to a rock staircase. I hated it. I could feel a lot of weight of my backpack on my back and it was pretty steep. I am scared of heights. I felt unstable on my own feet. I was hiking all day. It was getting dark. Ben told me that we should get to the camping area before it was dark. We did not make it. We were still finding a place to camp. Ben wanted the area by the creek. Finally, we found it. It was between the markers for 4 and 5 miles on the map down below.

I was preparing our tent while Ben was cooking. When I was almost finished with the tent, I heard some noise behind me. I walked to Ben, then looked back from where I came. My headlamp reflected with the bear’s eyes so I told Ben that there was bear right there. He did not understand me. I told him to look at its eyes. Ben scared it away by making loud noises with a pan. That bear came because of the food. It smelt nice. After that it started raining. I could not eat anything because I was afraid the bear would come back. I kept shaking and lost my appetite. It was hard to sleep because I was very cold.

I got some rest and woke up with pain since we hiked all day yesterday. The rain drops on the tent became ice. I did not think about it. The weather was bad. We were up high on the mountain so it was colder. Ben was cooking again in the morning. I was by the creek to filter water to drink later.

After breakfast, we really wanted to use a bathroom. There was nowhere we could hide and we were not allowed to do that near the water source. We walked a bit far from the creek, then dug holes behind dry bushes. We were two steps away from each other. It was very close to the trail. People could definitely see us if they walked by. I asked Ben what should we do if someone see us. he said “say an awkward hello to them “. I was really in pain because my legs hurt from hiking and I was sitting here in the steep area. A minute after we finished our duty, there was a group of people passing by. That was very close (ha ha).

Now we were ready to go again. Today the trail was so steep. I stopped a lot. Ben always encouraged me to go. “You can do it” he said. Every time I saw a log, I thought it was a bear. That freaked me out all day. Now we were very close to Glacier Point. It started raining again. I met someone walking down. They said, “you are almost there”. It was quite different between walking down and walking up. From there it took an hour to get to the point.

It started raining harder. I was glad that you could get to this Glacier Point by car. Since the weather was so bad, Ben decided to ask someone with a car to take us down. A very nice family from Europe in an RV took us. We stopped at the Tunnel view point to take pictures. As you can see in the picture down below, it was a rainy day, definitely not good for hiking.  When we were back to our car, the car could not start again. Ben tried to start it like a million times (that was how I felt, I thought I might be stuck here forever and a bear might come and get us.). Finally, the car was working again and we drove back home safely.


So the total hiking distance was 9.38 miles for one and a half days. Red markers on the map are the number of miles. It was around three months before when we booked for the campsite, so it was hard to predict the weather. We hiked in pretty bad conditions. Anyways, it was a very good experience. I should be prepared and get more fit.

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