Leland Stanford Junior Museum at Stanford University

I went to Stanford university to visit my friend, Linda, who studied here. It was huge inside, everything was far from each other. I had to walk awhile to get to our next destination. A big beautiful flower garden with a big letter S was very nice. It was the first stop, where people stopped by and took pictures. When I looked straight from this garden I could see a church. I did not expect that there would be a church here. I walked over to the museum. All buildings were in the same theme, sand colored walls and red roofs. Finally I got to the museum, the Leland Stanford Junior Museum. The entrance was very impressive, made from marble, very luxury. Greek statues could be seen when you looked up. The glass windows made reflections with the light, showing rainbow color on the wall. I was surprised with the mummy collection here. Many collections which I did not expect to see were here. There was a piece of art that looked like a real guy, standing by the wall as shown below. He had hair on his skin, very realistic. I liked this museum because of the nice collections and interior design. I got a nice Stanford T-shirt for me and my teddy bear as souvenirs from the bookstore. The bookstore was big, like a mini shopping mall. Don’t forget to check it out.


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