Nightlife, Red rock and Hoover dam in Las Vegas

“We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.”
― Kahlil Gibran

Everyone has dark side like Kahlil said but Las Vegas has a little bit too much. Many people come here to gambling, party and get drunk, having fun all day long. Not for me, I came here to observe and to experience. I wondered why my friend liked this place so much. She said she liked the parties and free drinks. Alcohol always made me get a headache. I preferred to be sober. During the day, it was very hot so I walked around at night. I found a couple of beggars on a sidewalk, playing violin. They pretended to play along with the music from an mp3 (seriously?). Inside some random building, there were women wearing only underwear dancing over the table. It did not seem like they wanted to do it. From my aspect, the people who worked here try to do their job for entertaining but the job was nothing to be proud of. It was a bit sad for me. Tourists enjoyed nightlife. It was not my life in the way that I wanted it to be. I went to the night club and danced until morning. I was so thirsty since it was hard to get water. The thing that kept me here was Ben. I wanted to make sure he was in my sight and only wanted to dance together. I bet I did not have fun like a drunkard. Anyway, it was fun enough to pass this night. I only needed some sleep.


Red Rock Canyon was our next day destination. The rock was pretty red, more orange for me. There were very fascinating shapes in these rocks. Some people hiked up to the top but I could not. It was high and looked very painful if I fell down. It was a rock and a rock is hard. Then we headed to Hoover Dam. We walked around and took some pictures. It was quiet outside the town, which was nice. The most favorite thing in Las Vegas for me was M&M shop, with all M&M stuff, and Korean restaurant, very authentic.


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