Girl Portraits in watercolor

Shadow is the important part to make the paint look more realistic. I also like to paint girls more than guys. It is easy to find beauty in a woman for me. The picture that I used as a reference was from Instragram and Pinterest. I like to draw real people because it is impossible for me to draw exactly the same as my reference. It is a good way to find my own style but I am not there. I am still finding myself. Recently, Henry Clive has been my favorite artist. I drew his paint in the last picture, a women in pink background. He had many women painting. I admire his work. It is inspired me. I also like a model pose on Instragram. My favorite one now is Zemotion. Her photos are very cool. When I was a kid, I read Japanese comics. The picture in it was nice. I had very strong feeling that I wanted to draw a picture and be as good as them. Now every times I see somethings beautiful, not only in comics, I wanted to keep them in my sketchbook as my memory and my fantasy.


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