Solvang, CA: Danish Town and Wine Tasting

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

— Mark Twain

This quote literally happened to me. I went to a trip with my friend, not on this post, I knew him only a week but he was my friend’s friend before. I agreed to go with him because I just wanted to travel. I regretted it. He kinda selfish, self-center and wanted me to help him carry his stuff. I could imagine that it would be fun if I went with my close friend or my boyfriend. I was single at that time. Whatever; it gave me a lesson, to think more and never go with a new friend. Back to Solvang trip. It was a first trip for me and Ben because we just started dating. It was close by where we lived and my friend had told me to come because it was a chocolate town. I didn’t eat any chocolate here. I was overwhelmed by a ton of tourists. When I saw a bus that was full of Chinese tourists going down, I had to change my direction. It is always hard to deal with many people. All buildings in town was built in the European style. There were windmills, restaurants , shops and hotels, which were very convenient for a tourist.

Ben and I went inside a couple shops. This was the thing here that I liked the most, a cute shop. They sold a lot of cute stuff, such as music boxes, snow globes, figures and diorama rooms. I spent a long time in the shop, admired many things there. Then we walked to the old mission Santa Ines. There was the part from the original mission, which was outside. Since it was a hot day, we headed to Rusack winery.


There are many wineries around here. It was my first time for wine tasting. I had never drunk any wine or alcohol so I was tough for me. Wine was bitter and full of alcohol scent. I felt a headache and my face was red, with many glasses to go. I enjoyed the atmosphere around here. We sat in a garden and looked at beautiful roses.


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