Full of Life Flatbread: The best pizza in my life

A few year ago, Ben took me to a pizza place in Los Alamos, Full of Life Flatbread, CA. It was a huge line there and we had to wait for an hour. We wasted our time by walking around the town. It was a small town. I thought people came here only for pizza. In the garden of the hotel across the street had a big chess board, which was very nice. There were many old looking buildings in this town.


After a quick tour, we decided to head back to the pizza place. We waited for a couple more minutes. Finally, we got a seat and ordered a special menu and brownie with ice-cream. I couldn’t recall the pizza topping that we ordered but it was delicious and crispy. I could see all pizza making process. It was awesome!! While we were eating, there was a Hawaii dancing¬†show. I would recommend everyone to come and try pizza here. Not only pizza but also dessert was very tasty. Don’t forget to come here early because the line is always long.


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