Transit Tour in Korea

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”
― Oprah Winfrey

I started my adventure from here all the way back to 2014. I had a chance to go to USA but before I got there, I had the extra time at Inchoen airport since I flew with Asiana airline. I thought this airline always had a long transit time to let people used the transit tour service. It was 8 hours transit time for me. I felt like I should do what they wanted me to. I stopped by a convenience store to buy a bottle of banana milk before I got to the transit tour counter. My friends kept telling me that I should try if I were in Korea. It did not taste any fancy like my friends claimed. It was smell nice but seemed fake to me.


Transit tour counter as show below, was not easy to find. He showed me the package that suited the time I had. Most places in the tour were around the airport so I should not expect for anything, which could excite me. I got a bag from a guide. When I squeezed the bag, it would get hotter. Actually, it was very nice to have because the temperature outside was 0 degree Celsius. I wore everything that was in my backpack and I was still cold.


The first place, I visited, was sky deck. There were the poster of the airport construction history from the empty until it was completed building (Pretty boring).


Next stop was Yonggungsa temple. We walked up a bit from a car parking spot. Some snow was melting on the ground and it was my first time seeing the real snow. It was not impressive but I was pretty happy to see it. I touched it, too. It was very quiet here. No monk was around this temple.


Back to the airport, it was lunch time. I had Bibimbup. It tasted good but I wanted more Kimchi. Free water at the restaurant but I had to get a stainless steel glass from the oven before I went to get water. One more thing that I liked here was silverware, such as a glass, chopsticks and a spoon, it all made from metal. Made sure that no poison could get me.


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